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Kindle version of “The Power of Ownership” on sale for $4.99

"The Power of Ownership" displayed on multiple Kindle-ready devices

“The Power of Ownership” displayed on multiple Kindle-ready devices

Amazon KindleThe Kindle version of “The Power of Ownership: How To Build a Career and a Business” is now available! On sale for $4.99, you can download the entire book onto your Amazon Kindle or any device enabled with free Kindle Reader software. That means you also can purchase “The Power of Ownership” for your iPad, smartphone, PC or Mac—even in the “cloud.” (Not an actual cloud, but Kindle Cloud Reader for your web browser. Though, if you find yourself up in the clouds anytime soon, the book makes for great in-flight reading…)

Read the Amazon and Goodreads reviews and see for yourself what others are saying about “The Power of Ownership,” then buy your copy for Kindle or in paperback today!

Light summer reading: “The Power of Ownership” by John J. Bailey available on Amazon; reviews, press and more

A reader poolside with 'The Power of Ownership' available on Amazon, now shipping

A reader poolside with a new copy of ‘The Power of Ownership’ available on Amazon, now shipping

Warm weather is here, and so is my book! At last, “The Power of Ownership: How to Build a Career and a Business” is available* on Amazon for $14.95 $13.09. See, this saves you the trip to the bookstore! Buy online from poolside or anywhere on the planet. While honest and good business is hard work, purchasing my book is very easy!

And yes, I will be signing books in the coming weeks, first with the Troy (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce on June 25, then after my Corp! Magazine “Economic Bright Spots” symposium keynote in Metro Detroit on June 27, and later at the Detroit chapter of the Public Relations Society of America on July 16. I will be sure to keep you posted of appearances in other cities and markets. It would be an honor to autograph your personal copy!

Things are busy here, as I humbly continue to honor interview requests and work hard to keep people informed. I will appear on “The BIG Show” in Grand Rapids, Mich. with Michael Patrick Shiels on June 19. I’ll soon recap my interview with Tom O’Connell of Business Wire, and will link to other press coverage as it becomes available.

Also, the reviews for “The Power of Ownership” are coming in! I am thrilled that Joseph Serwach, a respected public relations expert, has offered his opinion of my book in the popular book recommendation network Goodreads. And reporter Rick Haglund, freelance journalist and former business writer at Booth Newspapers (now the MLive Media Group) offers his own kind words:

“I thought the section on how you started, grew and sold your business was great. You explained the challenges well and gave a lot of inside detail on the operation of your business. Your views on ethics and on trading off some profitability for employee well being were fascinating. I think this will be valuable reading for anyone who is thinking of starting a business or who is currently running one.”

Lastly, I can’t thank enough all of you that have purchased or intend to buy my book, as well as my 600-plus (and growing!) Facebook fans, blog subscribers and Twitter followers. You truly inspire and amaze me, and I am glad to see that so many of you are ready to take your career and business to the next level.

Happy reading!

* Currently available in paperback. Hardcover and Kindle availability arriving this summer.

“TGIF!” Book notes from John J. Bailey

Friday is here, the weekend is near, and spring has sprung. What a great day! As you push yourselves to make this Friday the best yet of the work week, I wanted to take this opportunity to “THANK YOU!” for all of your kind words and support.

The book launch is a few shorts weeks away, and already I have received numerous comments and compliments from former clients and colleagues, friends and new followers. It feels wonderful to know that many of you want to know more about the book. With that in mind, here are answers to some of your recent questions:

  1. When will the book be out, and where can I buy it?
    “The Power of Ownership: How to Build a Career and a Business” is scheduled to go on sale on Amazon.com on (or shortly after) June 1. I will post, blog and tweet the Amazon link, believe you me!
  2. Will the book be available for Kindle or in some other digital format?
    According to the publisher, a Kindle edition should be available on or around June 1, the same date the hardcopy launches. I will keep you posted as I learn more about this.
  3. So, Mr. PR Guy, how else are you promoting your book?
    I already was fortunate enough to speak with Leadership Oakland last month. In the coming days, I will appear in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press, and also can be heard this Monday morning at 7:20 a.m. on Paul W. Smith‘s show on WJR/760-AM in Detroit. The continued media interest in the book is quite humbling! And, I will post links to audio and video whenever I can.
  4. Are you on social media?
    In addition to this blog, “The Power of Ownership” has its own Facebook page. You can find me on Twitter as @JohnJBailey. More to come, and thanks for sharing, liking, retweeting, etc.!
  5. How much is the book?
    The book will go on sale for $14.95 on Amazon. On or after June 1, as previously mentioned.

That’s all for now. Thank Goodness It’s Friday, and enjoy your weekends!