The perfect gift


During the holidays my thoughts turn to my family. What can I give them all that will have the greatest impact? I keep trying to find the perfect gift.

And I think about society in general, as well.

Recently, I received a note from a business associate reporting that while she was in a meeting that went well over the allotted time, she was certain her parking meter had run out of time. However, a kind stranger had put in enough coins to cover my friend, even leaving a note wishing her the best holiday season ever.

We’ve all heard stories about people in line at a restaurants buying food for others. How wonderful is that? Just yesterday I saw a story on local TV about a man giving $100 bills to people to help them out. Or, how about billionaires that give untold millions to charity, all for the good of society?

For many years at the holidays, my company gave donations to various charities instead of buying and mailing holiday cards. These gifts were always greatly appreciated. And this year, my wife and I gave to Gleaners. Our donation was matched by The Ford Motor Company, therefore buying holiday meals for 600 people. (Thank you, Ford.)

In 2014, I plan on continuing to offer my business services to anyone to help them start a business or build a business or get out of a job they are “stuck” in or just give career input, based on my 40-plus years of experience. At no cost.

It seems to me that the perfect gift is the gift of giving. May this gift of giving lead us to Peace on Earth.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.

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