Who’s the worst boss you ever had?

Boss from Hell

We’ve all had tough bosses. Ones that gave us lots of crap, or never seemed happy with our performance. Over my career, I had a multitude of bosses, but it wasn’t until I realized that I was my own boss that I determined they all benefitted me. They even made me a better professional and person.

It was the realization that I and I only was the determiner of my future that I saw those bosses in a different perspective. I even cherished the times they ripped into me, especially in the early learning years of my career. Why, you say? Because I learned from each of them to see things their way, not necessarily mine. This gave me an understanding of different thinking.

A lot of time they were correct. But most importantly, I learned that they were not the important ones to building a complete career, but rather I was. Only me.

I’ve mentioned before that I was laid off four times in my career. I didn’t like it and vowed to make sure it did not happen again. When I did that, without knowing it, I became my own boss.

That was when I began my unrelenting drive to learn more always more about my profession, to network so well that there would be few, if any, situations where I would not know someone, and to build my personal brand, my reputation.

Without knowing it, I began strengthening the things that no boss or corporation could take away from me. These things were owned by me. And, if I were to ever be laid off again, bingo-bango, these things would take over and lead me to a successful future.

That is exactly what happened in 1996 when things in my career were headed toward some boss somewhere making a decision about me (and my future). But I beat him or her to it and started my own company where my knowledge, network and reputation took over and helped establish my company.

That is the power of ownership. You, too, can have it. Have an unrelenting drive to make yourself the best you can be. Never stop learning, networking and building your reputation. You should be the one boss in your career that can never be satisfied with where you are. Maybe that makes you, “The Boss from Hell.” But, it will pay off.

In the future I will talk about what I did to make myself the best I could be. No, I did not succeed but I never stopped trying and still haven’t.

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