You can be honest and treat people fairly… and succeed

People ask what my book is about. They ask why I wrote it in the first place.

Here are my two main points:

  1. You can be honest and treat people fairly… and succeed.
  2. You can also follow the golden rule… and succeed.

Aren’t you tired of hearing about people who cheated or took advantage of others to gain some money or fame or whatever for themselves? I know I am tired of this and wonder why people don’t get it… do wrong, you will get caught, and you will pay.

My mother and father were simple people. They loved each other and their family. They were honest and worked hard. They believed in doing what was right and not saying anything bad about others and, they believed in respecting others. These are not hard rules to follow and they are the ones I grew up with and carried into my adult life.

Some people think that in business you need to lie, cut corners, talk down to people, and take advantage of others. And, sometimes these people make a lot of money. Sometimes you even hear that greed is good. But these people get caught and lose everything.

I saw a few of these folks as I built my career. Some did better than others. But, they all got caught.

When I started my business career and later my own business, I was determined to follow those simple rules I grew up with. There are numerous quotes in the book, this is the first one:

I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of a man.
– George Washington

How simple. How beautiful.

In the book I talk about how an average person can indeed build a career and a business—while being honest—and can succeed. I reveal lots of fun anecdotes that took place throughout my career but you will be the judge of if they are fun or not. And I review some of the successes I and we experienced along the way. I reveal the lessons I learned that can hopefully help anyone who reads them build a better career and business.

So what’s the point? Anyone can succeed in a career and a business and be honest and treat people fairly.

The book will be available to order June 1 on Amazon.

One thought on “You can be honest and treat people fairly… and succeed

  1. Mary Beth Welton-Kidd

    Way to go John! Congradulations on your new book. I certainly hope you mention the crazy times we had at Stroh’s. Death Valley, Mackinaw, Port Huron and last but not least the Ladies Stroh Open. I will certainly be reading your book. An autograph would be nice. I hope your promotion of your book brings you to Chicago. Mary Beth Welton-Kidd


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