“Power of Ownership” book tour kick-off with Leadership Oakland on April 24

leadership-oaklandI am excited to start my book tour bright and early this Wednesday, April 24 with Leadership Oakland, a very respected civic organization in Metro Detroit dedicated to shaping today’s leaders for tomorrow’s communities.

My talk is part of their “Breakfast of Champions” series focusing on “Policy for Success.” Per their website:

What is the single most important policy for success as an individual or a business? According to John Bailey there is one policy that stands out among the rest: Honesty. And he ought to know. John built a successful public relations agency from scratch and grew it into one of the state’s leading firms by being honest; with himself, with employees, with clients, and with the media. Make sure that people see you and your business as one they can trust and want to do business with again and again. Find out how you can learn from the experiences of a guy who has ‘seen it all’ and build your personal brand and the brand of your company. We can honestly say this will be a great session!

The session starts at 7:30 a.m. at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan and costs $32 for LOAA members and $36 for non-LOAA and general public. To register (and please do!) please visit the Leadership Oakland website or call (248) 952-6880.

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